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Happy 25th birthday to Ray Narvaez Jr. !!!! 

how do you put the god tier thing ?

You mean the little banner on the sidebar of my blog? 

If you click the text under the banner itself, it’ll link you to this page which has banners for all the Aspects. Copy the code of the banner you want and paste it into your blog’s Description. It should look something like this:


In red is where to put the code. In green is what the code will look like once you click save. 

But this is what you were asking about, right? Sorry, hope I answered your question!


i got the nicest comments imaginable on the 7dtd piece (i stalk the tags on my stuff mercilessly) so as a thank you, i thought i’d post up some closeups. 


The Freddy Fazbear Pizza by Stitchlovergirl96 & Joosh-Face

Josh and I were inspired by the video below, to Gmod this because it was absolutely hilarious.

WARNING: Loud screech at about 0:24!

Please do not repost. Only reblog, thank you!

  • Comic was done by me and my boyfriend, Josh.
  • The idea was originally by TehBowserXD
  • The Five Nights at Freddy’s models were created by I6NIS
  • And Five Nights at Freddy’s belongs to Scott Cawthon.


500th Night at Freddy’s.gif*


500th Night at Freddy’s.gif*


Based in Lilo & Stitch


Based in Lilo & Stitch


" You were my pal Mike and I messed up.

You have forgotten, but I know if you didn’t you’d never forgive me anyways.

This fox will be shut down soon but I’m happy to know, that my pirate friend is still up and running. “

Sorry for any spelling errors




Mike loses it

This is now and forever my favorite Mike

Mike ain’t havin’ none of your shit


Keep that to yourself, Mike