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I really wanted to share this because while this piece of audio is on the Five Nights at Freddy’s wiki, I haven’t seen anyone else upload this audio on its own, and maybe not everybody’s noticed this yet.

Please be aware that it WILL scream when you click play! But I added a fade-in at the beginning to make it less surprising.

In-game, the scream is cut off when the screen goes to static, so all you really hear are the first few seconds that sound like a mechanical screech. But when the entire audio clip is played, you can clearly hear it’s the scream of a child.

The disturbing implications support many fan theories, including my own.


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the song that Freddy makes when the power goes out

 - Please listen to this sound clip of foxy humming
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Ahoy mateys! Come visit ‘ol Captain Foxy down in Pirates Cove!

my good friend Jenna did Chica, so I decided to try my hand at this character

Voice by Me

Mixing and editing by Jenna

reblogging again for pirate-cove-foxy

Hellsonlyrose - It's Chika, nice to meet you!
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Messing around with some glitchy effects for an audio post, this was the result~

Icon credit to the lovely Harumi~

This is actually the closest to my real voice that I’ve recorded so far >u<

 - Chica Chick gives a PSA
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Hi there kids!  Chica’s here to give you some tips on living a healthy lifestyle!

I wanted to do this, and after seeing everyone else was doing it I decided that today was the day.

Chica - Me

Editing and effects - lm-g1



Based Anon - Bonnie's Welcome
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Please listen to this. It’s so good it hurts.

Warning for short,sudden volume changes and glitches as well as the other creepy shit that comes with fnaf but damn that’s good acting.

Woooah, this is chilling.


Achievement Hunter Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

i feel you Ray. i feel you.